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I made a more recent video which really elaborates why I wrote “STOP”. Basically, I wrote this song when I was depressed. I don’t have depression, (trust me, I am usually very happy all the time and really appreciate everything I have) but it was onset with my knee surgery. I had a knee brace that started near my hip and reached down past my calf. This was causing immense bruising on my entire leg and I have never felt such extreme pain before. I cried all the time because it hurt so badly. People didn’t understand how to treat me because they couldn’t imagine the pain I was feeling. I wrote this song partially out of anger, too, especially in the second verse. You couldn’t call me in the beginning of the surgery and ask how I am and then wait more than a month to check in on me again. I needed support and I couldn’t get it from everyone. I even lost my best friend because of how she didn’t care about my surgery. “STOP” ends on an optimistic note, because I knew that the post-op pain wouldn’t last forever and I would be able to return to my happy-go-lexxi self eventually. It was just a matter of time.

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