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“Summer Rain” – Avidd the Band Original Song

Click here to listen to our newest song, “Summer Rain”!

This is the first song we’ve written in a while, and it’s the first one we’ve ever written together! Cody (guitar) came up with an amazing guitar hook, Rich (drummer) told the story of his mother’s lost love from high school, and I came up with the lyrics to put it together. Here’s the first performance of this song, and hopefully we can put out a professional recording soon!

“Summer Rain” – Avidd the Band Original Song

“Camelot” – Lexxi Raine Original Song

Click here to listen to my new original song, “Camelot”!

NEW SONG WHAAAA?! I broke up with my boyfriend of three years and had a summer full of careless flirting and fun. Along the way, I met a guy who made me feel something I hadn’t in a while. Nothing ever happened between us, but he rekindled the spark I had hidden deep inside for too long. I felt free. I felt alive. Most importantly, I felt excited about life and love again. I wrote this song about him, and he’ll never know it, but if I could go back in time and thank him for making me love writing music again, I would.

This song isn’t just about me and finding my own spark. I think everyone can relate to this song in some way. It seems more often than not, we aren’t happy in our own lives. We’re constantly reading books and watching movies in the hopes of escaping from our dreary lives and entering the make-believe world of pretty actors whose problems are fixed at the end of two hours by a very predictable plot. “Camelot” starts off with this mindset, but soon turns into thoughts of love, happiness, and cotton candy clouds where unicorns can ride on the rainbows that sit atop. This song makes me feel good. It makes me happy to be alive and hopeful that the fairy tale kind of love does exist somewhere. I hope it makes you happy, too. Sing loud and proud! Maybe you’ll find your Camelot someday. Or maybe your Rapunzel. OR MAYBE YOU DON’T NEED ANYONE BUT YOUR AWESOME SELF TO BE HAPPY AND THAT’S THE DREAM. :}

Camelot – Lexxi Raine

“Hey, I Say” | Live Performance @ Sugar City 7/17

Live performance of "Hey, I Say"

Live performance of “Hey, I Say”

Click here to watch my live performance of “Hey, I Say”!

Stop! – Lexxi Raine Original – Live Performance

Click here to watch “Stop!”Pre Photoshoot

One Night Stand – Lexxi RaineOriginal

Click here to watch “One Night Stand!”

Still of me performing my original, "One Night Stand", and The Wagon Wheel's Songwiriter's spotlight! :D

Still of me performing my original, “One Night Stand”, and The Wagon Wheel’s Songwiriter’s spotlight! 😀

Why I Wrote “Valediction” 🙁

“Valediction” is very close to my heart. I wrote it about one of the most special people in the world to me, although we weren’t as close as I would have liked. My birth father was pushed out of my life when I was two years old and I learned how live a life without him. Fourteen years later he found his way back in. We reconnected and everything seemed like it was fitting into place. After a few months, he took himself out of the equation because he figured I would be better off without him. I wasn’t. And before I could do anything about it, I realized I would never talk to him again. I wrote this song in honor of him, his life, and the life I wished we could have had. R.I.P. Anthony Grandinetti.

Valediction – Lexxi Raine Original Song

Click here to watch “Valediction”!

Still of me performing my original, "Valediction".

Still of me performing my original, “Valediction”.

But who went?

I wrote “Where Did You Go?” about the best friend I ever had. We were friends for years until we something go in between us… and it was something we couldn’t get past. Our friendship went on over a year hiatus. I’m happy to say we have found each other again. This song will always remind me what it feels like to lose someone so close.


I made a more recent video which really elaborates why I wrote “STOP”. Basically, I wrote this song when I was depressed. I don’t have depression, (trust me, I am usually very happy all the time and really appreciate everything I have) but it was onset with my knee surgery. I had a knee brace that started near my hip and reached down past my calf. This was causing immense bruising on my entire leg and I have never felt such extreme pain before. I cried all the time because it hurt so badly. People didn’t understand how to treat me because they couldn’t imagine the pain I was feeling. I wrote this song partially out of anger, too, especially in the second verse. You couldn’t call me in the beginning of the surgery and ask how I am and then wait more than a month to check in on me again. I needed support and I couldn’t get it from everyone. I even lost my best friend because of how she didn’t care about my surgery. “STOP” ends on an optimistic note, because I knew that the post-op pain wouldn’t last forever and I would be able to return to my happy-go-lexxi self eventually. It was just a matter of time.

STOP – Lexxi Raine Original Song

Click here to watch “STOP”!

Still of me performing my original song, "STOP"!

Still of me performing my original song, “STOP”!