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“The Best Thing (That Never Happened to You)” by We Are the In Crowd – Avidd the Band/Lexxi Raine Cover

This was by far my band Avidd’s favorite song to cover. We LOVED all the crowd participation we got when we performed this and got so hyped every single time. I always love getting out from behind the guitar and really interacting with my band mates. Hope you enjoy and if you do, check out Avidd the Band on facebook!

The Best Thing (That Never Happened)

So obviously this band isn’t new, but I’ve just recently gotten into them and I am obsessed! Every single day, whether I’m driving to college or work, I’m listening to their albums. “Tourist History” is my favorite, followed by “Beacon” and their newer EP , “Changing of the Seasons”. Back in June, my friends were all going to their concert at a place in Lewiston that always has concerts on Wednesday’s for $20. I thought, “Why not? I’ll by a ticket”. They were mind blowing!!! They were definitely in my top favorite concerts I’ve ever seen and I would definitely recommend checking them out if you haven’t already. They are inspiring. They’re music is incredible. I don’t know how they do it. ;D

“Hey, I Say” | Live Performance @ Sugar City 7/17

Live performance of "Hey, I Say"

Live performance of “Hey, I Say”

Click here to watch my live performance of “Hey, I Say”!

“Metamorphosis” – Original Avidd the Band Song

Avidd the Band playing an original song, "Metamorphosis"!

Avidd the Band playing an original song, “Metamorphosis”!

Watch my band and I play an original song, “Metamorphosis”!

“Talk” by Against the Current — Avidd the Band cover!

Avidd the Band performing at Sugar City -- 5/22!

Avidd the Band performing at Sugar City — 5/22!

Click here to watch Avidd the Band’s cover of “Talk” by Against the Current! 😀

Stop! – Lexxi Raine Original – Live Performance

Click here to watch “Stop!”Pre Photoshoot

Valediction – Lexxi Raine Original Song

Click here to watch “Valediction”!

Still of me performing my original, "Valediction".

Still of me performing my original, “Valediction”.