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“Cool Kids” by Echosmith – Avidd the Band Cover!

Click here to watch Avidd’s cover of “Cool Kids” by Echosmith!!

Who else can’t get enough of this song?! My drummer (Richard Miller) and I were in between guitarists/bassists for a little but during the 2017 summer and asked a couple of our friends to help us out for a super packed summer show at a new venue we’d never played before: the Evening Star Concert Hall.

Kyle, the bassist, and Connor, the guitarist, gladly agreed to help us play a couple originals for this show. We were practicing at Kyle’s apartment one Tuesday afternoon when we were all discussing a cover we should play since they had nailed the five originals we planned to do. Connor all of a sudden shouted out “COOL KIDS”, explaining that whenever he got “white girl shwasted, he turned this song on and jammed the eff out”. We all looked at eachother for a few seconds, not sure if he was serious, but then we agreed that it would be a kickass song to pop-punkify.


The show was July 9th and seven bands were on the bill. Safe to say, it was too packed to breathe. But we got on stage and gave it our all. It was a great show and this cover was pretty epic. This was the only show we played with Connor and Kyle, but they said they would always be willing to help again! Go check out the video and see it turned out! (P.S. don’t mind how short my short shorts are xD)