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  • I Don't Want Your Man
    I Don't Want Your Man

    This track catapulted my country career. It's written to a girl who's never met me in person but is convince I'm trying to steal her man from 8 hours away. Girl, I'm sorry, but I don't want him. I hope you like this track and can't wait to hear the full album coming out June 20th! 😀

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We’re all a little guilty of something. Question is – will you admit it? As Lexxi Raine’s first venture into country music, every track claps back at those who’ve done her wrong, whether it’s a jealous girl, an old flame, or herself. Guilty is a perfect crossover album, blending country and her original poprock roots. Roll the windows down and revel in the anger and irony of her relatable lyrics. Make Lexxi Raine your new #GuiltyPleasure this summer.

I Don't Want Your Man [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] - Releases 6.13.2020

"Fun While It Lasted" by Lexxi Raine Available is everywhere!! I hope you guys enjoy my new album and thank you for your constant support!!! Choose the platform you desire and the link will take you to the download/streaming page!

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