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“What You’ve Done” – [LIVE] Avidd the Band Performance @ Ironworks (Burtfest 2018)

Click here to watch my band’s live performance of “What You’ve Done”!

“What You’ve Done” – [LIVE] Avidd the Band Performance

“He Says, She Says” – [LIVE] Performance

“He Says, She Says” – Live Performance

“Sun” – Lexxi Raine Original [LIVE VIDEO]

So many people requested a live video for this song… Of course I complied! ;D







“Tomorrow” Live @ Stamps Bar!

This is the second track on my EP, MOXIE! It’s about breaking up with someone over a reason that doesn’t quite make sense, and trying to get through the pain day by day. The first day is always the worst, but no one said the second day can’t be just as hard.

Click this link to watch my performance of “Tomorrow” at Stamps Bar!

“Tomorrow” Live at Stamps Bar

Watch my mom and I play the “Top Ten Hottest Men” Challenge!


Watch my mom and I do the “Top Ten Hottest Men” Challenge!

Listen to the snippet stream of my first EP, MOXIE! :D

Listen to the snippet stream of my first EP, MOXIE! 😀

Still from my “Ex’s and Oh’s” cover!

Ex’s and Oh’s Cover

So obviously this band isn’t new, but I’ve just recently gotten into them and I am obsessed! Every single day, whether I’m driving to college or work, I’m listening to their albums. “Tourist History” is my favorite, followed by “Beacon” and their newer EP , “Changing of the Seasons”. Back in June, my friends were all going to their concert at a place in Lewiston that always has concerts on Wednesday’s for $20. I thought, “Why not? I’ll by a ticket”. They were mind blowing!!! They were definitely in my top favorite concerts I’ve ever seen and I would definitely recommend checking them out if you haven’t already. They are inspiring. They’re music is incredible. I don’t know how they do it. ;D

Music Business is sooo competitive…

The music industry is a cutthroat business. You wouldn’t think it would be in a place like Buffalo, but it is! I can not tell you how many friends I have lost because of the “competitive” factor. I’ve lost boyfriends because of it, and overall, this industry has made me see my favorite artists differently. You have to do what you need to if you want to get on top. Now, I’m not saying ruin other people’s careers or happiness just to get ahead, but sometimes you do have to be a little selfish and think of yourself first. It’s hard to make friends in this business and even if you do, there will always be a little envy underneath the surface. Envy that they booked a big show. Maybe they released a new song and it got a good amount of attention. That jealousy will always be there, but what’s important is being happy for their success and know that you’ll get there one day, too. <3 Lexxi

Avidd the Band logo

Avidd the Band logo

So as you guys are probably well aware of, I’m in a pop punk band called Avidd! We have gone through numerous members since we formed in December of 2012, but we are still as motivated as we’ve ever been! Currently, it’s just my drummer, Rich Miller, and I. Our lead guitarist, Sal, officially moved to Pittsburgh for his school and we completely understood. We are still always searching for new members so if anyone has an idea, please let us know! I love playing in a band. It was what I have always dreamed of and Avidd has always been there for me. We don’t play out as often as I wish we did, but one day we will get back to live shows and tours! If you want our CD, go to! Until we put more out, keep checking my solo project and let me know what you think!!! <3 Lexxi