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“The Best Thing (That Never Happened to You)” by We Are the In Crowd – Avidd the Band/Lexxi Raine Cover

This was by far my band Avidd’s favorite song to cover. We LOVED all the crowd participation we got when we performed this and got so hyped every single time. I always love getting out from behind the guitar and really interacting with my band mates. Hope you enjoy and if you do, check out Avidd the Band on facebook!

The Best Thing (That Never Happened)

“Gorgeous” by Taylor Swift – Lexxi Raine Cover

WHO ELSE IS AS OBSESSED WITH T-SWIZ AS I AM?!?! Okay, okay, it may have taken me a little bit of time to get on the band wagon but she will forever be one of my biggest idols. I actually got the chance to see her play during the Reputation Stadium Tour this past summer and she was INCREDIBLE! I hope one day to be as famous as her (I’ll take even half honestly). xD

“Gorgeous” by Taylor Swift

“All My Loving” by The Beatles – Lexxi Raine Cover

I asked my facebook followers what Beatles song they wanted me to cover and this was the clear winner! Hope you enjoy my version of the song. 😀

“Your Call” by Secondhand Serenade – Lexxi Raine Cover

This has always been one of my favorite songs to cover. It was one of the first songs I ever learned how to play on guitar. On the day I filmed this with my mom last summer, she got a call that one of our very close family friends had died. It felt wrong to finish filming, but it also felt like I was doing it in his honor. I’ll always miss you Carl. <3

Click here to watch my cover of “Your Call”!

“Your Call” – Lexxi Raine Cover


“Camelot” – Lexxi Raine [LIVE] @ Stamps Bar — 9/1/2017

Absolutely love to perform this song now, and it’s hard to believe this was the first time I had done it! This is supposed to be a fun song that everyone can enjoy.. even if they don’t have true love at the moment. I hope you guys enjoy it and some of your cynicism fades away. I can’t wait for “Camelot” to come out on my next EP this winter!

Click here to listen to my performance of “Camelot”!

“Camelot” [LIVE] – Lexxi Raine original

“Sun” – Lexxi Raine Original [LIVE VIDEO]

So many people requested a live video for this song… Of course I complied! ;D







“Sun” Lyric Video – Original Song by Lexxi Raine

I started writing this song over a year ago and could never figure out how to finish it. It seemed like I had all these amazing parts to a song but they wouldn’t fit together. Lucky for me, inspiration struck again during a bout of decisions that left me unhappy . This song is about being stuck and not knowing how or when you’re going to get out – but when you finally see the sun, you know everything is going to be okay again. 😀

Watch the lyric video to my original song, “Sun”!


“Sun” by Lexxi Raine







“Cool Kids” by Echosmith – Avidd the Band Cover!

Click here to watch Avidd’s cover of “Cool Kids” by Echosmith!!

Who else can’t get enough of this song?! My drummer (Richard Miller) and I were in between guitarists/bassists for a little but during the 2017 summer and asked a couple of our friends to help us out for a super packed summer show at a new venue we’d never played before: the Evening Star Concert Hall.

Kyle, the bassist, and Connor, the guitarist, gladly agreed to help us play a couple originals for this show. We were practicing at Kyle’s apartment one Tuesday afternoon when we were all discussing a cover we should play since they had nailed the five originals we planned to do. Connor all of a sudden shouted out “COOL KIDS”, explaining that whenever he got “white girl shwasted, he turned this song on and jammed the eff out”. We all looked at eachother for a few seconds, not sure if he was serious, but then we agreed that it would be a kickass song to pop-punkify.


The show was July 9th and seven bands were on the bill. Safe to say, it was too packed to breathe. But we got on stage and gave it our all. It was a great show and this cover was pretty epic. This was the only show we played with Connor and Kyle, but they said they would always be willing to help again! Go check out the video and see it turned out! (P.S. don’t mind how short my short shorts are xD)

“Camelot” – Lexxi Raine Original Song

Click here to listen to my new original song, “Camelot”!

NEW SONG WHAAAA?! I broke up with my boyfriend of three years and had a summer full of careless flirting and fun. Along the way, I met a guy who made me feel something I hadn’t in a while. Nothing ever happened between us, but he rekindled the spark I had hidden deep inside for too long. I felt free. I felt alive. Most importantly, I felt excited about life and love again. I wrote this song about him, and he’ll never know it, but if I could go back in time and thank him for making me love writing music again, I would.

This song isn’t just about me and finding my own spark. I think everyone can relate to this song in some way. It seems more often than not, we aren’t happy in our own lives. We’re constantly reading books and watching movies in the hopes of escaping from our dreary lives and entering the make-believe world of pretty actors whose problems are fixed at the end of two hours by a very predictable plot. “Camelot” starts off with this mindset, but soon turns into thoughts of love, happiness, and cotton candy clouds where unicorns can ride on the rainbows that sit atop. This song makes me feel good. It makes me happy to be alive and hopeful that the fairy tale kind of love does exist somewhere. I hope it makes you happy, too. Sing loud and proud! Maybe you’ll find your Camelot someday. Or maybe your Rapunzel. OR MAYBE YOU DON’T NEED ANYONE BUT YOUR AWESOME SELF TO BE HAPPY AND THAT’S THE DREAM. :}

Camelot – Lexxi Raine

“Tomorrow” Live @ Stamps Bar!

This is the second track on my EP, MOXIE! It’s about breaking up with someone over a reason that doesn’t quite make sense, and trying to get through the pain day by day. The first day is always the worst, but no one said the second day can’t be just as hard.

Click this link to watch my performance of “Tomorrow” at Stamps Bar!

“Tomorrow” Live at Stamps Bar