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So as you can tell, I’m not too great at keeping my blog up to date. The last post I made was in 2018 and ironically, it was when I first released “Guilty”, the title track off of my new EP. If you listen to the original version, you don’t hear country. I just wanted to explain a few things.

I wasn’t born loving country music – mostly because the people around me weren’t raised on it. I grew up with a mom who played NIN and Pink Floyd. There was no twang in her blood or anyone else in my family. It wasn’t until the summer of 2019 where I truly fell in love with this genre.

There’s a country bar in downtown Buffalo on W. Chippewa called The Cowboy and I scoffed at it whenever we walked by to the more hip clubs. It was always crowded and I didn’t understand why. It’s not like Buffalo was a happenin’ place for that style of music. I didn’t really know of any country bands in the area and the only big country fest we had once a year was Taste of Country – where I assumed people only congregated to drink cheap beer all day long. (I used to be very judgy when it came to country music.)

That summer, I was dragged into The Cowboy by one of my friends because everywhere else was dead. That night, my life changed forever. I know that sounds dramatic but it’s true! Now I understood why it was always packed – it was the most fun I had EVER had on a night out. I slow-danced with cute boys, laughed with the girls wearing cowboy boots trying to show me line-dance moves, and met the most amazing people that night. I thought to myself, “What took me so damn long to give country a chance?!”

I started adding some pop-country crossover songs onto my running playlist – stuff that could also be heard on the Top 40 radio stations. And then, I went all in. I followed those country playlists on Spotify and hit shuffle. I even started writing some country tunes and began to freak people out with my new obsession. I remember the day I told my mom and aunt that I liked country music.

*Sitting in the car with them*

Me: “Guys, I have a confession.”


Me: “I really like country music.”

Aunt: “I had a feeling you were going to say that!”

Mom: “No, you can’t!”

And now I have forced them to listen to country at every opportunity. Hell, I wrote a whole country album and they HAVE to support that. ;D My first country tune, “Won’t Make it ’til ‘I Do’, was put on YouTube in 2019. It wasn’t my first stab at country but it was the first song I decided to show my mom and producer. She actually LOVED it, like WAY more than I expected (I knew I’d convert her eventually). My producer was over the moon for it, too! I recorded it with him and he added some changes to make it as awesome as it is. Fun tidbit – the version you’ll hear on the EP is the SAME version. One take of that song all the way back then was perfect. I couldn’t have done it any better.

I saw that Buffalo’s Taste of Country for 2020 was having a contest for the opener of whatever large band was going to headline. I thought, “Hey, why not take a chance?”. So I submitted my only recorded country song to this contest and made it into the top 6, and more than that, I was the only solo artist who performed. Talk about guts, huh? I didn’t win but I’m really happy about that. You had to sign an iron-clad contract that made you perform whenever WYRK asked you to and with England being a possibility in the Autumn, I would have had to make some very expensive plane rides back to America. The groups I competed with were the nicest musicians I have ever met. There was no jealousy or judgement like I’ve felt with other genres in the area (pop-punk or rock). We were just happy to be there and proud of the groups that won first and second place. That’s when I realized I always wanted to feel happy like that and I wanted to surround myself with people who genuinely make me happy to be alive.

So there you have it! The full explanation to how this pop-rock girl crossed over to country. It didn’t come naturally to me like most country artists who are born and raised in southern states. I might be a novice at writing music in this style, but give me a few more years and I’ll be right up there with the best of them. ­čÖé Some of my fans aren’t happy about my venture into country, and I get that. I wasn’t too keen on this style for most of my life, too. But people latch onto new things all the time, and this is what happened to call to me at the random age of 23. I think there’s something to be said when an artist can break out of there normal genre, too. It means I have to work harder at making country music because it’s not what I’m used to, but I think the added focus makes it that much better and fun to listen to.

My final thoughts are biased, because how can anyone in this world put on a country song and not be filled with happiness? That’s what I want to know. Country music immediately puts a smile on my face. It makes me want to take a long drive with the windows rolled down and the music blasting. I want to hear songs that make me want to dance with a stranger in a crowded bar. When I listen to a country song, I feel free. All my troubles are melting away and I can live in the now. So maybe not everyone has the same feelings as me, but I’d like to think you understand where I’m coming from. This genre switch wasn’t out of the blue. It wasn’t a gimmick to draw out new fans and make a ton of money. It’s just me and I hope you like the new version.

Love always and forever,

Lexxi Raine

“Guilty” – Lexxi Raine Original Song

Will this song be your #GuiltyPleasure ?

Click here to listen to my new original song, “Guilty”!

Anyone else out there have an ex who just CAN’T LET THE EFF GO?! I went to a local concert two weekends ago and ran into my ex. Now, I knew he’d be there, and I made damn sure I let him know what he missed out on. But he acted in a way I didn’t expect and goddamnit how dare he made me feel guilty when he’s the one who dumped me. Am I right?┬á┬áListen, if you wanna know all the juicy details let me know and I’ll make sure to make a vlog video explanation because I don’t think I can fit it in this description ahah. I hope you enjoy the song! I wrote it in an hour and recorded it the next day in the studio so I’m pretty happy with how it ended up coming out.

“Guilty” – Lexxi Raine Original Song

“Masterpiece” – Lexxi Raine Original Song

I went through a terrible breakup, and this song is a new beginning to make up for that end. I think I’ve finally realized that the only person you can truly depend on is yourself. So I’m going to be doing that from now on, and the best way to focus on my own happiness is writing music and listening to your feedback. ­čÖé

Click here to listen to my new original song, “Masterpiece”!

“Masterpiece” – Lexxi Raine Original Song

“Body” – Lexxi Raine Original Song

Click here to listen to my new original song, “Body”!

“Body” – Lexxi Raine Original Song





This song wasn’t meant to be creepy, but that’s kinda how it sounds.. I know. xD I’m sure we’ve all felt this way when in love at some point. I’m basically saying that I’m so in love, this person could take any part of me that makes me “me” and I would still be happy because I’d still have them. I hope you guys enjoy this song!

“He Says, She Says” – Behind the Song!

Click here to listen to why I wrote “He Says, She Says”!

“He Says, She Says” – Behind the Song

“What You’ve Done” – [LIVE] Avidd the Band Performance @ Ironworks (Burtfest 2018)

Click here to watch my band’s live performance of “What You’ve Done”!

“What You’ve Done” – [LIVE] Avidd the Band Performance

“You Weren’t Even Worth the Title” – Lexxi Raine Original Song

Click here to watch the video to my song, “You Weren’t Even Worth the Title”!

Be careful when you date me – you’re most likely going to get your own song. P.s. most of them aren’t about how great you were. xD

“You Weren’t Even Worth the Title” – Lexxi Raine Original Song

“Summer Rain” – Avidd the Band Original Song

Click here to listen to our newest song, “Summer Rain”!

This is the first song we’ve written in a while, and it’s the first one we’ve ever written together! Cody (guitar) came up with an amazing guitar hook, Rich (drummer) told the story of his mother’s lost love from high school, and I came up with the lyrics to put it together. Here’s the first performance of this song, and hopefully we can put out a professional recording soon!

“Summer Rain” – Avidd the Band Original Song

“He Says, She Says” – [LIVE] Performance

“He Says, She Says” – Live Performance

“He Says, She Says” – Lexxi Raine Original

This is one of the best songs I’ve ever written – seriously. I had just broken up with my laaame ex-boyfriend and I was really jaded by the idea of love. I didn’t think it existed anymore. I didn’t think I would find it again.

I picked up my guitar and started writing about relationships – but only included the bad stuff. I put into words how girls thought about guys when dating, and tried to put myself in a guy’s shoes and think the reverse.

Click here to listen to my original song, “He Says, She Says”!

“He Says, She Says” – Lexxi Raine Original┬á




Girls suck. We are (generally) too emotional. We overthink every F%#@^$G text message, every movement, every sentence. We are the WORST and I’m not afraid to admit how bad I am when it comes to this. We want to find true love right away and not have to work hard for it.

But guys are (generally) too UNemotional. They’re bad at reading the signs and don’t realize how much we’re thinking about their actions. Most of them are only occupied with getting in a girl’s pants rather than commit. And because of this, girls are always trying to get revenge and hurt the guys back – which usually includes leading on too many boys at once.

Anyway, this song was meant to be a “tongue-in-cheek” way of making fun of both sexes. Because we all suck. That’s just the truth.