Lexxi Raine is a singer-songwriter from Buffalo, NY, who has always been passionate about music. She formed her first band at the age of 16 through Craigslist in 2012 and has remained in the music industry ever since. In 2015, her original band, Avidd the Band, released their first professionally recorded album, Avidd the Album, along with her first music video to the hit single, "The Sappy Song". In 2016, Lexxi Raine decided to start a solo side project to keep her songwriting thriving through multiple band member changes. She released her first solo EP, MOXIE in 2017 along with a music video to the single, "Stop!". Lexxi Raine has taken her music onto every social media platform with weekly YouTube videos, daily Facebook posts, Instagram photos, Twitter, tracks on Soundcloud, tiers on Patreon, and her own personal website at Lexxiraine.com.

Fun While It Lasted, her second EP, released in 2019 along with two music videos: "What The Lonely People Do" and "Body". There are so many ways to love someone, and that's the point of FWIL. The artwork of the album represents cynicism and how the bitter reality of this world can damage something that used to be pure. An ice cream cone, once delicious and appealing, can be ruined in an instant with the wrong touch. Loving someone can start with passion, beauty, hope, and can end in the blink of an eye, making you question why it even started. The most important thing to remember is that everything in life, especially love, is fun while it lasts.

Her debut country EP, Guilty, is without a doubt the best work she's ever created. It was recorded and edited during the COVID-19 pandemic - mostly through Zoom sessions with her producer. As the world shut down, Lexxi was able to focus entirely on this new EP and put her entire soul into it. Never before has she been so a part of the recording process and that's why you can feel her in every line. Her most recent creation and debut country album, Guilty, releases June 20th. The summer solstice is a time for new beginnings, her songs might just add a little joy to people’s lives when the world needs it most.

We’re all a little guilty of something. Question is – will you admit it? As Lexxi Raine’s first venture into country music, every track claps back at those who’ve done her wrong, whether it’s a jealous girl, an old flame, or herself. Guilty is a perfect crossover album, blending country and her original poprock roots. Roll the windows down and revel in the anger and irony of her relatable lyrics. Make Lexxi Raine your new #GuiltyPleasure this summer.